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Web Site Review

Now the web site has been launched we are undertaking a constant process of review and development to ensure the site is as good as it can be. We hope you find our site interesting and informative, if you feel some aspects of the site need some change please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to improve the site.

WW2 Project Celebration.

Clitheroe Youth hosted the WW2 Project Celebration at St Mary's Church Hall on Wednesday 20th April at 2pm. Full details of this special event appear on the Remembrance site and also here. See menu WWII Project Celebration

About our web sites.

The project initially was twofold, create a memorial book and create a web site. See About the Project. As the project developed there were two distinct branches, one the Remembrance web site which the young people were very much involved with, the other the continuation of other activities they were also undertaking. So this site Clitheroe Youth Forum came about to record these latter activities.  However much of their work overlaps so some items appear on both sites. The articles themselves are spread over News, Projects, and Developments although many could be in either category.

About our Project and Clitheroe Youth Forum, which appear on both sites, were early items on the Remembrance site and they give a good introduction.

The Clitheroe Youth Forum has been funded by various organisations as mentioned in our Youth News pages or Partners,

We hope you enjoy the visit to our sites.