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Blackpool Youth day out

Just to show that we do have more girls involved and a trip was arranged to go to Blackpool on Sunday 21st March 2009 to take part in Go Karting on the sea front. This was again funding obtained by Arron Ripley and Michael Tomlinson via the Lancashire County Council Youth Bank. We left various pick up points in Clitheroe at 12noon and arrived for a 2pm start. The venue had moved from its original siting and this was a last minute change.

Again safety talks what they could and couldn't do. These were a lot slower go karts and suitable for the age group and skill levels and it is hoped to progress onto the bigger go karts possibly at Colne for those able to handle such machines.

Tiba came out on top closely followed by Morgan (K) and Azzad her brother with Bobbie a close 4th in the finals.

All the young people were given the opportunity to film as Roger came along.

For many this was the first time learning to drive.We did have one girls who just couldn't or wouldn't have a go which was a real shame.

All the youngsters of course now want to go to the Pleasure Beach at some stage!

We got back to Clitheroe for about 6pm.

Good day out.