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The Duke of Edinburgh lads took and passed their verbal examination at Candlemakers Court on 23rd October having completed their expedition challenges. This has been a long haul due to the first instructor having to postpone his involvement due to a serious injury to his back. The verbal examination was based on the Pendle Witches.

Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh

The Presentation of certificates took place on Monday 2nd April 2012 at Clitheroe Town Hall by the Mayor of Clitheroe Councillor Mrs Sue Knox.which commenced at 6.30pm.


We set off from Clitheroe at 09.30am (Tuesday 6th April 2010) with nineteen young members heading off to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. I had made out a list of questions for them to investigate ranging from who led the German Forces/people during World War Two to the significance of Dunkirk in the early part of the War. We arrived just before 11am and the first place to visit for all of them were the toilets.

We met up with Helen a Tour Guide who gave us a brief talk and left us to watch the large projected film which was shown on all the walls around us. The film related mainly to children refugees in the War and children being involved in fighting across the World from 1945-present day.

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On Tuesday 30th March at 4pm at the ITZone, Norman Kelly and I went to meet Peter for an update on the website and to discuss various other aspects of the project. We reviewed how the young people had been doing and certain areas still needed to be progressed concerning the first phase of the website. Norman showed us his first working draft of the first page - wonderful and this is just his rough working.

Thanks to Norman and Peter.

r-book1 r-book2

Clitheroe Radio Friday 26th March 2010. Top photo shows Roger and Arron being interviewed by Frank at Clitheroe Radio Station (Internet) and the picture below shows Arron getting himself ready to be questioned. Both Daniel and Arron did well and were certainly given some searching questions by Frank such as " Has this project given you a better perspective of the older generation?"

Arron: "I have always got on well with older people and have great respect for them." Nice one Arron!

Frank to Daniel: "Who was fighting in the Second World War"?

Daniel: "There was us against them Germans and them er Russians" !!!!

We will be talking a bit more about who was actually fighting to Daniel in more depth.

Roger was stating on Radio about his involvement and how he had been down to Low Moor to film which was the site of the Royal Engineers during the War.

All in all a good experience and thanks to Frank and Clitheroe Radio.



Here we have Chris Tattersall with another Braille session on Thursday 4th March 2010 at the Art and Craft Studio with Morgan Rawcliffe filming in the background and Caroline Dewhurst and Morgan (K) watching on. This too is a very difficult process to learn.

Our thanks again go to Chris.


This was one of our main meetings held on Tuesday 9th February 2010 at the Art and Craft Studio commencing at 4pm. We had quite an agenda to get through ranging from update on the website, Braille, calligraphy (with Norman) bringing some of his work for the young people to view and even try it. Marion and Roger were also filming and recording sound. This was the same afternoon that the local press came to cover the official publicity launch of our Heritage Lottery grant as well as our first real attempt at asking for those with memories of the Second World war or families of those here today who had loved ones living during that period in addition to any other young people who would like to come forward and join us.

Quite a lengthy meeting but so much to do. Still missed a few due to other commitment -football, cricket practice (Indoors) etc.

Thanks to everyone for attending and see how they do with their delegated tasks.

studiom1 studiom2

studiom3 studiom4


Young Ashleigh here being shown by Roger the basics of filming. This took place at the Art and Craft Studio on Friday 19th March 2010. Several other young people took part and they enjoyed the experience. We had planned to do some outdoor filming the week after but it poured down. This has yet to be rearranged.


This is Morgan Rawcliffe and Morgan Kennedy having a go at Braille with Chris Tattersall on Thursday 24th February 2010 at the Art and Craft Studio. This took some doing but all credit to the girls for sticking with it to complete a good introductory lesson. Both girls enjoyed the session.

Our thanks to Chris Tattersall who is working away on this and another session will be arranged after Easter.

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