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Daytona Day

Some of the older lads went to Daytona in Manchester on Tuesday 16th February (Half Term break) and as you can see had a great experience. We left Clitheroe at 9.20am and arrived about 10.30am just enough time to get signed in which included all their photographs being taken. Then kitted out and onto a thorough briefing session by a senior member of staff. They also took the lads through the type of Go Karts, breaks, engine control systems, flags and warning three black flags and off. Other black flag signals meant sin bins ranging from 2 -10 minutes. A couple of the lads for various reasons ended up getting flagged.

The times around the tracks were logged and those with the fastest times were presented with trophies including new starters worst cornering - improved driver - worst driver.

Ross Dent supreme champion on this occasion. Got back to Clitheroe for about 4pm with Travel for All taking us and getting us home safely.

All had a great experience and subject to funding we hope to return.


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