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Fishing Meeting 18th May 2012

On Friday 18th May at 3pm  we held our first Pendle Fishing project meeting to discuss how to raise funds for creating a new lake, raising baby fish, an education building and conservation, environment as well as horticultural projects.

We had representatives from the Police, Get Hooked on Fishing, Environment Agency, National Angling, Clitheroe Youth Forum, Sported and Pendle View owners. Apologies were received from Fire Services, Nigel Evans MP for the Ribble Valley, Ribble Valley Borough Council Sports Officers, Lynne Clothier, Catch Them Young Fishing organisation.

This was a tremendous turnout and many ideas were put forward by the steering group and now need putting together in a business plan to submit to funding bodies. Over many months of negotiations Sport England who we were hoping to obtain funding from proved sadly to be too big a hurdle for us to climb. Lawyers needed to be involved and when one hasn't got any money to start with and not assured of any funding this made this proposal sadly a non starter. After so many hours and hours of work on this project to get nothing was a major waste of time for all concerned. We shall however try to go for the smaller funding to help with the everyday element of the fishing.

Pendle View Meeting
Pendle View Meeting