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Fishing Meetings. December 2011.

Several meetings have taken place for our fishing group with Martin James giving a talk on 'Keep It Simple', and Jack Spees discussing what the Conservation organisation do in the Ribble Valley and across East lancashire which he is Director of and based at Castle Cement. Good turn out for both sessions. Darren Wilson (Environment Agency) talked to the group on Tuesday 13th December. A report of support is going to the Ribble Valley Borough Council Community Committee on the 10th January offering support and changes to certain river banks which they own to enable the young fishermen the opportunity to actually fish safely.


Permission has been granted to fish at Edisford which is a far safer area than the original stretch at Low Moor. How this had been allowed originally is beyond us. Daily and weekly free permits are now available from the Council Information office for young people but those aged 12 must show a valid rod licence. Those aged 11 and under must have an adult with them.

Our funding bid to the Home Office for many practical projects have failed due to the Government feeling that the Ribble Valley is well enough off compared to other parts of the country and other bids from these deprived areas being awarded the funding.

We are pleased to state that Sported have supported us with some funding which will help with purchasing fishing gear and site fees.

Our next fishing session will be at Myre Fold Fisheries on Thursday 5th April 10.30am -4pm..