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Forthcoming Activities

Plans are in hand to organise activities at Waddow Hall such as kyaking, tree climbing, archery and canoeing. We hope to be helping at Salt Hill Quarry to make some new steps. Work continues at St Mary's Church garden. We have the possibility of doing a Pendle Witch project. (More news to follow on this.) The Duke of Edinburgh group are planning their final expedition for mid July. Plans are being made for summer camps, mountain biking, quad biking and camping at the farm to milk the cows at 4am!

We are helping to improve the mosaic at Salt Hill Woods which is now looking a little worn after several years. We hope to do a bird and bat box project for the trees at St Mary's Church. Funding is needed and we will be discussing this at our next meeting.

Our congratulations go to Shannon Bond on being selected to sing at the opening of the Olympic Games in 2012. Nice one Shannon.

June 2011