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Studio meeting

This was one of our main meetings held on Tuesday 9th February 2010 at the Art and Craft Studio commencing at 4pm. We had quite an agenda to get through ranging from update on the website, Braille, calligraphy (with Norman) bringing some of his work for the young people to view and even try it. Marion and Roger were also filming and recording sound. This was the same afternoon that the local press came to cover the official publicity launch of our Heritage Lottery grant as well as our first real attempt at asking for those with memories of the Second World war or families of those here today who had loved ones living during that period in addition to any other young people who would like to come forward and join us.

Quite a lengthy meeting but so much to do. Still missed a few due to other commitment -football, cricket practice (Indoors) etc.

Thanks to everyone for attending and see how they do with their delegated tasks.

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