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We Shall Remember Them- March 2012

We put together our new project bid to the Heritage Lottery after over a years work involved in this. We were held up in the process for several reasons as this is a far larger project than first appraised due to the number of organisations, authorities, statutory bodies and other parties all involved in the Forest of Bowland and the documentation needed to be submitted to the Heritage Lottery.

Our youth members have done well in what has been needed to be done by them. Serious negotiations took place with various landowners and our statutory partner the Lancashire County Council Heritage Division who signed the joint agreement and other forms needed by the Heritage Lottery.


We also made a film to present to the decision makers. Well done to everyone involved in this and the RAF for their valuable input, United Utilities and the officers of the Area of Outstanding National Beauty based at Dunsop, Stone Masons, Parish Councils, Schools, Farmers and so many other people involved in this to mention at this stage.