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Year 2018 for Lancashire Clubs

We are delighted to announce that Leyton Hargreaves won the Senior Member of the Year 2018 for Lancashire Clubs. Leyton couldn't attend the awards but Kaitlin Wrighton who was awarded a prize for catching the largest fish during the Lancashire competition collected his trophy as well as Dionne Hannah's certificate a medal for being the runner up for the same event.
We hope to show a photo of Leyton with the actual cup.
Leyton has been a regular member of CYF for five years and been a valued member, always helpful, positive in his organisation and planning of so many activities and events which has been recognised at county level.
Kaitlin is seen here receiving her award from the Lancashire Clubs Chairman.
Congratulations to Leyton, Kaitlin and Dionne.

Dionne's Award Leyton's Award Katlin's Award

    Dionne's Award              Leyton's Award           Kaitlin's Award